Monday, November 21, 2011

Stepping Away from Crafty...

Hello everyone! I have something exciting to share with you that I hope you will enjoy reading about.

You see, though I have a huge space in my heart for crafting, there is another love that holds just as much of my heart.

I have always, since a very young age, loved making up stories. Even when I didn't know how to write the words, my Mom and I would make up bed time stories of our own.

Since then, if I wasn't thinking up stories and turning them into books of my own, I wrote poetry. And when I wasn't writing at all, I was definitely reading.

I have not written in a few years and I really missed it. My Husband, being my biggest fan, challenged me last night.

He told me that he wanted me to write a Children's Book, to be completed by Friday.

After thinking about for only a few minutes, the wheels were already turning as he spoke, I decided to take him up on his challenge.

I got started on it immediately and finished it this afternoon. The book I wrote is meant to become a series. I have already started on book #2.

I don't have any plans or a set amount for this series but I am really excited.

I don't even know that it will ever become a published book. And if not, that's ok too. I will have them and so will my Children.

It would be extremely awesome if I was able to get them published. What a dream come true that would be!

Well, this is the adventure I am embarking on and I can't wait to see where the road traveled takes me!

Until next time...
Happy crafting and using those imaginations!

Take care,
Amber H. ~Crafty At Heart~

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