Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Balance

A little something I put together :)

I was really hoping to use this pic as a background for this blog. It may look a little busy to you but it is my perfect balance of all the crafts that I enjoy doing. Minus my sewing machine of course. 

I would love to say that there is a purpose for all of the crafts that I make. Like, each piece having some deep meaningful reason behind why I made it, for example. But honestly, I'm not sure that there is ever a specific reason other than I just love making things. 

All of the things I have ever painted, sewn, embroidered or tied together (no-sew blankets) were done for others never myself. Some of them have remained in my home and I am able to enjoy them because they were made for my Kiddo's or Hubby. Other pieces were made for Friends or Family Members.

So maybe that's my deep meaningful reason behind everything I make; LOVE :) Love for creating. Love for making something beautiful with my own hands. Love for the one I make that something for. 

So that will be my new project: "For Love"!!! 

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

Amber ~Crafty At Heart  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Prodotto finito

Here it is. Finally! This bib is the beginning of many embroidery pieces for me. Even though I did not use the normal essentials for embroidery, I am quite impressed with how this turned out. Taking me about three months to complete, I have a prodotto finito or finished product!

Front of the ACU bib. Black thread
 (not embroidery floss.. beginner's mistake),
 corisponding ribbon to match fabric.
Fabric applied to the back of the bib with
Stitch Witchery to keep the thread from unraveling.  I used
Polymark's Medium Gold Iridescent Fabric Paint
 along the edgesand "2011" and Green Iridescent Fabric Paint
 for the name.
It is thrilling to look at something that I have created and finished with my own two hands. My time and love were threaded into every letter. And better still was the look on the face of the Mommy I made it for :) Happy crafting and on to the next! Amber~Crafty At Heart

Hand Embroidered Hello Kitty

After completing the "My Daddy, My Hero" bib (if you missed my blog on that, you can view it at the title linked here >"Prodotto Finito"), I was looking for another embroidery project. I needed something fun that would give me room to practice various stitches but still look cute.

I got the picture itself from one of my daughters Hello Kitty coloring books. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl and am so proud that I get to share her with my little girl!

Once I found the picture, I taped my piece of white linen to the paper and traced it out in pencil *commence embroidery!

Embroidery all hand stitched on white linen. This was a picture
that I traced from my little girls coloring book. I'm pretty sure that
it will wash out but I tented the cars and the duck with colored
map pencils. This project was a lot of fun and took about a week
and two days to complete :) 

I chose the color scheme partly of my own accord as well as my daughters favorite colors (hence Hello Kitty's purple and pink car).

I am pleased that in using the proper embroidery materials, this project took, roughly estimating, 1 week and two days. Which is thrilling to me considering the bib took about 3 full months to complete.

Once all stitches were complete, I ironed on Stitch Witchery to the back of my finished piece to ensure that none of it became unraveled. My plan now, is to find either a pull-over hoody or a sweatshirt to iron it onto for my little Princes.

Who, the whole time I was making this, whether frustrated with it or not, would make sure to check in on me from time to time just to let me know I was "doing a wonderful job, Mommy!"

Stitches used: Back Stitch, Fly Stitch, French Knots Split Stitch, Bokhara Couching, Trellis or Jacobean Couching, Seeding, Spider Web Filling Stitch and the Satin Stitch. I got a lot of great practice on this piece!

All that said....
Happy Crafting!
Amber~Crafty At Heart!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Literally Erika

Hey any and everyone that reads my blogy stuffs :D

I haven't blogged here in a few days and was really trying to think of something interesting to talk about... after burning out a few of the wheels in my head... LOL I finally got a fantabulous idea!

Aside from really loving crafts, I also really enjoy a great piece of art. A friend of mine, who I think is extremely witty, creative and talented, has recently started up a web-site, Literally Erika. As well as a Facebook Page also called Literally Erika.

Her artistic abilities and imagination are mind blowing. The beautiful bright colors jump out at you and bring such great emotions out that truthfully, I never really knew were there.

The love she has for creating, naturally spills out onto the canvas and you can feel that. I absolutely love the warm fuzzy feeling that is left behind after taking a look at a new picture she has posted.

If you want to see her talent personally, you can check it out at Main Street Station, located in Grapevine, Texas. Though I am not in Texas at the moment, when we do go back, I will definitely make it a point to go visit Main Street Station so that I can view Literally Erika's work myself!

I really do hope that you will not only check out Literally Erika's work but that you will also find the joy and peace that I do in her works of fabulous art.

Take care and Happy Crafting!
Amber ~Crafty At Heart~

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Few of My Faves!

I got a request to include some of my favorite sites that I use for Ideas, product suggestions... So here are some links to those sites. I don't use many and am still continuously finding new ones. I will try to share them often.

This is one of the brands of paint that I use for my painted crafts.
Apple Barrel Craft Brand by Plaid Enterprises: "Fresh-bright-crisp, just like its name, Apple Barrel® Colors are crafters' choice for projects large and small. Made from the purest ingredients, Apple Barrel Colors provide premium performance on wood, Styrofoam, paper mache, tin, terra cotta, plaster and any porous surface."

Michaels has a "Projects" tab that gives you ideas as well as full directions and a list of the things you will need in order to make it.

Who doesn't love JOANN's? I know I do. I do get a little sad when I cannot find this store where ever we are living at the time. I believe we have one here in Colorado but I have not been able to partake in the magical wonders with in this amazing store *insert sad face here!*

Googly Eyes & Craft Supplies- if you are in the Irving, Texas area, I strongly suggest that you take a trip **MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TIME ON YOUR SIDE! If you are anything like me and my love for crafting, this store is like a candy store for crafters!!**

I have also recently used YouTube for tutorial videos on how to do "basic embroidery stitches" and any other tips on embroidery so here are a couple links to some of the ones that I have watched.

Kimberly Layton- there are only two videos, though I hope she adds more. They were really helpful!

Craftovision is another channel that I watch.

And just one more.... ThreadBanger!!!

I hope that you find these links helpful and enjoyable! I know I sure have! I love love love new craft ideas!

Happy Crafting <3
Amber~Crafty At Heart~