Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love for Crafting

Hello All! As this is my first blog, maybe I should give a little more insight to who I am as a "crafter". I am by no means an expert in anything I do. I am running with the idea that all creative individuals start out the same way, inexperienced and everything is an experiment!?

 I have no formal training or experience. When it comes to sewing, I am terrible at it by hand and as far as the sewing machine goes, everything I can do which isn't much, I taught myself. It's all trial and error and a little bit of luck. (Note to self: pay attention to where you place you fingers as the machine will munch on them if you aren't careful! OUCH!!) LOL

My Mother in-law has taught me a few things that I had no idea about. No-Sew blankets was one of the first things she taught me how to make. I really enjoyed that lesson. It gave us a chance to really bond. She is very patient and happy to show me anything I am interested in. Just this last week I was visiting with her and she taught me how to use Stitch-Witchery (I apologize in advance for any miss-spellings). We made a shirt for my Daughter together. Her Daddy is in the Army so we created a cute design and cut out a few letters to spell out "My Daddy My Hero". It turned out beautiful!
Not the best image but this is the Stitch-Witchery shirt. (mentioned above)

I do not know how to follow patterns and am a little intimidated when I have tried. Some of the terminology used is like a foreign language to me. So most of the things I have made, I draw out on a piece of paper or just measure my kids and cut out material and start sewing. Using this method, I have made bags, an apron, and just recently I took a baby bib, traced it on a piece of card stock, cut it out and pinned it to the material I wanted to use and ta-da, I had a baby bib. I have not finished with it yet, as I decided that I was finally going to attempt embroidery.

Not knowing much about it or the items I would need... it is taking much longer than I expected. I am using regular sewing thread, not embroidery floss. Nor am I using an embroidery ring. I do now have those things but because my bib already has a backing and edging, lol I'm sure you can just imagine. I will practice the right way as soon as I finish this bib. I just hope the baby I am making it for isn't grown before that happens :)

I also paint on anything I can get my hands on. My favorite project so far with painting has to be the wooden picture frames and wall letters I have finished for my little ones. My Daughters is Hello Kitty inspired and my Son's is my own creation.
My Little Guys Wall Letters

I suppose that is as good as a first introduction can get. I will be adding new blogs and photos as the projects come along. I love doing all of these things and am always pleased with my outcome. I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished and being able to share this love of being creative with my Mother In-law is amazing. I am privileged to have her to show me the ropes!

I do hope that you enjoy my posts and that you come back often. 

Happy Crafting! 
Amber ~Crafty At Heart~